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LFMass Effect Fanfiction where Humanity.

For the Mass Effect kinkmeme prompt: "Shepard and her LI be that Garrus or Thane are captured by mercenaries/rogue Cerberus agents/whoever and their captors threaten to gangrape Shepard unless the LI takes her in front of them. Having no other choice, the LI agrees. When her greatest enemy claims she's their only hope to defeat an impossible threat to humanity,. Part 1 of a slight cannon divergent retelling of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Series. Part 1 of Mass Effect Derek Shepard Series Language: English Words: 28,283. One day I will learn English well enough to write fanfiction.

Basically, I want to know if there's any Mass Effect fanfiction where humans arrive at the Citadel around the same time, or even before, the Asari and Salarians. Basically, I want to see humanity portrayed not as the new kid on the block, but as one of the old guard. Mass effect fanfic recommendations. Transcendent Humanity and Mass Effect: A journey through the Eons both have a super advanced and basically completely OP but peaceful humanity. Worth a read but the appeal here lies more with the OPness than an actually interesting story. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. The Guardian Effect Fanfiction. Y/N is a Guardian who did it all. That is until he and his ghost got caught in a space anomaly and transported to a entirely different reality. action adventure comedy destiny malereader masseffect romance.

Looking for a fic where humans have the role of "prothean" Basically, instead of Protheans like Javik, Humans were the ones that preceded the modern races Asari,. An inclusive place for fanfiction in the Mass Effect fandom -- OC, recs and discussion. All fics and pairings welcome. Join. Reddit. about careers press advertise blog. 09/09/2015 · So you adding a race to Mass Effect that can give the Forerunners a bloody nose? Well done OP, well done. Also note that these humans are actually larger, stronger and more intelligent than current humanity in Halo. Possibly the largest species in Citadel Space with the obvious exception of the Reapers. Even the Krogan will squeal.

r/masseffect: This subreddit is for people who love the Mass Effect universe - the games, books, comics, and DLC. In the Shadow of Gods. Chapter I. Her Mass Reactor was clumsy by modern standards, but humanity – a species marked by inventing things, and then using those things to kill one another. In the Shadow of Gods is a speculative fiction that is not meant to be a comparison of the Halo and Mass Effect universes. Humanity's Lost Identity by Friend_Of_The_Souls. A collection of Mass Effect one shots! Most are with Garrus Vakarian, but there are others mixed in there!. This is just a little fanfic on some shit that happens after the end of ME3. Feel free to correct me on any mistakes.

The Guardian Effect - harem - Wattpad.

11/12/2019 · Transcendent Humanity is an AU Mass Effect fanfic by Solaris242. The nail kicking off this AU is the Protheans leaving behind no Element Zero, no technology — instead, simply a cryptic message: We came. We watched. We studied you in your. Welcome to the Mass Effect Fan Fiction Wikia Here you can edit and create your own Fan Fiction about the Mass Effect universe. 2,114 fan fiction articles since November 2007. Mass Effect Fanfiction where humans are just much better than the Citadel Council Races. Whether they're apart of a superior alliance or by themselves humans can counter anything the Council Races bring to the table. Mass Effect stories with a different humanity from crossovers to original content. Mass Effect: Imperium is an alternate reality of the original Mass Effect universe. The most notable changes in this universe is the independent human empire that exist's as the second galactic super-power, in concert with the Citadel Council. This is a map of the galaxy just before the.

In the Shadow of Gods - Chapter 1 - AnneWhynn.

This is a mini page based on actual Mass Effect Canon. To see the full article on the Mass Effect Wiki, Click Here. Humans, from the planet Earth, are the newest sentient species of notable size to enter the galactic stage and are arguably the most rapidly expanding and developing. They.

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